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Tennessee Tetris

Okay, okay I admit that Tetris has little to do with anything on the site, but this is as good a place as any to stick this project. At any rate, it was a great diversion. Enjoy the Tetris clone for free.

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The game works on a day/night system, meaning when you play the game during the day, the game shows a day scene and when you play the game at night, it shows a night scene. Some of the particle effects are not bad, though I'm hardly an artist. Framerate will always be 60 if your system can manage it. The music is really why I designed the game the way I did--I happen to love bluegrass and tetris + bluegrass after a long day is quite relaxing. Enjoy!

See a few minutes of gameplay here on youtube.

Game contains music by Chris Thile and Nickel Creek.

Download Tennessee Tetris

(coming soon)

System Requirements: none, though you may need to turn off the particle effects on slower systems without a graphics card. Runs on XNA, so the game will install that automatically.