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Grammar Checker

Can a grammar checker work? If so, has it already been done? There are several projects out there working on this problem, but I don't know if they're working with an accurate description of language. The OpenOffice plug-in seems to work with huge lists of xml files without giving a strict parse while Microsoft's Word and Corel's WordPerfect grammar checkers are . . . well, less useful. I would like to see what kind of research has been done toward a grammar checker and what new research they have implemented into their parsers. Further, I would like to write my own parser to understand what improvements can be made in this technology. I don't really mind if it's not much better than most on the market grammar-checkers--I only want it to be more functional than some of the mainstream ones that everybody turns off in his or her word processor today.

To get started, I'm doing some reading in minimalist syntactic analysis. I will most likely create a parser according to minimalistic syntactic theory. Stay tuned, more to come.