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This is yet another project that probably doesn't fit the theme of the site, but putting it here is going to save me a whole lot of time.

BlackBaron is an emulator frontend. What does that mean? Well first, an emulator is a computer program that mimics the architecture of another piece of technology. The most common emulators emulate old generations of console gaming systems, like the first Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600, etc. As a frontend, BlackBaron organizes a bunch of these emulators on a computer system into one graphical user interface. It makes it easy for emulator users to select from one screen the console, the rom, and the settings for a given game. With BlackBaron, if a user puts in the time to collect as many emulators as possible, he can turn his/her personal computer into a gaming system that contains ALL emulatable gaming systems, including up to this point the Playstation 2.

photo photo photo

As with Tennessee Tetris, this program was written with C# and XNA to create a smooth GUI, lending to the feel of the "ultimate gaming system."

See a few minutes of BlackBaron in use here on youtube.

The logo, seeen in the Title Screenshot above, was designed by XX. Finally, BlackBaron became the platform to test and practice some other gaming mechanisms, like particle engines, effects engines, and the like. For this, when BlackBaron turns on its screensaver it contains some of these programming effects (e.g., particle stress tester seen in the screenshot below).

photo photo photo

Download BlackBaron

(coming soon)

System Requirements: coming soon