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Transcription/Translation Program

Below is the current version of TTPro (source code also available). My goal with this project was to have a transcription environment that rivals other, costly solutions on the web with one difference: TTPro would include the flexibility to integrate full-translation technology during the transcription process. This would make media-localization a breeze--custom subtitles in foreign language movies, phonetic transcription, or even official translations for court interpreters would be simplified drastically.

What's Inside

Since TTPro is still in its infant stages, the link below contains a pre-alpha version of the program, a beginners version of all the features and comforts it would have as development progresses and bugs are worked out. Some of these bugs may be frustrating for those who are expecting a perfectly functional program. It's unlikely that much progress will be made in the near future. For this reason I have made the source code available for those who want to continue the project under the terms of the GNU License.

Known Bugs

The bugs describes below are non-fatal, meaning that ttpro can still be used, ableit with some inconveniences.

Ideas for Future of Development

TTPro-Pre-Alpha ready for download below. Please be aware that development has stopped and is unlikely to begin again.

Download TTPro—Beta version

Sample Files

Hungarian MP3

Hungarian Wave

The Project File for Hungarian.wav