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Brandish 4 in Translation

Step One: Find a legit copy of Brandish 4. They might be kind of hard to find in hard copy, but Falcom still offers the game as an online download here.

Step Two: Backup the game if you have only the digital copy.

Step Three: Download the patch and place it into the installed directory of the game (it will probably be in C:\Falcom\BR4_WIN\).

Step Four: Run the patch as the administrator (if on Vista or later). The patch uses the registry to make sure the patch is not applied more than once.

Note: I've found that some computers experience a graphics glitch when they first install Brandish 4 on their system. It usually goes away after the game is opened once and closed again. If this happened to you when you first installed the game, then it will happen again when the patch is applied. The best thing to do is to open the game once and close it. If, in a very rare case, the graphics are so obscured that the screen is blank, download a program to force the game into a window. (A good example of such a windower is found here.) This will resolve any graphics problem and allow you to open the game once to close it. Then when you open it again in full screen, there shouldn't be a problem. Falcom has allegedly solved these issues with available patches for the game here. For now, the translation patch does not play well with these patches. If it turns out these patches are necessary, future translation patches will work with the Falcom updates.

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Click to download Brandish 4 patch 1 here

Use this mini-forum to post any bugs you come across as you play the patch. It'll help us to know how we're doing.