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Brandish 4 in Translation

Welcome to the official Brandish 4 translation project. Look to the menu on the left for more information or to navigate the site.

     The hack began in 2009 when a friend of mine had the idea to translate Xanadu Next, one of his favorite Falcom games. After reversing the packaging for Xanadu, inserting a translated enemy name or two, and releasing the screenshot, we found that another team was working on the translation for that game. Not wanting to waste the talent available in the team, we turned to Brandish 4, another good game from Falcom. I was, at the time, transitioning from undergrad to law school, so I found plenty of time during the hiatus to work on the hack. I spent at least 300 hours reverse engineering the compression algorithm in place on the in-game images and system files, an algorithm that I'm not familiar with. Because the compression routine held up the project for a few weeks, the hack was several weeks in waiting. During this waiting, interest from the translation team waned, and I was left with the hack and no one to translate it.

     I've maintained the project by inviting any amateur translators to contribute. While this gave some success,the project has not moved forward in any notable way because it has lacked consistent translators from the start. I now have some potential interest from a translator, one who I'm asking to promise consistency, regardless of how fast they work. Because of this, the project will continue to move forward albeit slowly. I would like to release a new patch with every 20% of the game translated. Thus, the next patch should contain at least 20% of the game ready to play.

Thank you Falcom for the game and the fans for your support,

          -----J (dtagg)