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Computer Science, Open Source, and Language

I am interested in linguistic theory, NLP applications, almost every aspect of computer science, and the open source movement. Send me literature, cool links, and anything else you think could make the world better.

Many of the projects here were learning tools, but they usually serve a good purpose. Most will be released open source, so that good ideas won't go wasted.

Projects include a bluegrass-inspired Tetris clone, an emulator frontend, a chip8 emulator, small programs like hex calculators and disassemblers, and a natural language grammar checker. I am also hosting a few other projects that I thought could help people, like a hack to boost the resolution in the English patch for Xanadu Next and the translation (and source code for the reverse) of Falcom's Brandish 4. One project started in 2008 is a transcription/translation environment. If a project isn't finished (and often even if it is), I will release the source code for anything people could use. The license will likely be GNU, but read the source headers for more info on that.

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